Our Non-Typical Life… is GOOD!

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The Players:

The Perfectionist: Juggler extrordinaire. Full Time Tax Consultant, professional video game player, the calm to my crazy.

Moi: Mummy dearest, green thumb, baker, crafter, complainer.

Aspie: Master of Kinesthetics. Mathematical prodigy. Chess player. Blessed,  yes, BLESSED with Asperger’s Syndrome. Genius on all levels.

And don’t forget the Wheeze: Professional eater, bubble boy, Koala Baby, tushy shaker, and Wheezie when he’s not feeling his best. Dx Moderate Persistent Asthma, environmental allergies(dust, mold, dog cat horse pollen the world), FPIES(Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) to Milk, Soy, Oats and Rice. Congenital Hemiplegia(mild Cerebral Palsy).

My personal mission is to give other mothers and fathers the assistance that I did not have when getting both of my boys diagnosed with their respective issues. I had horrible pediatricians and caregivers that did not want to hurt my feelings. Please, if you are suffering and lost, please e-mail me or message me here. I want to help.



One response to “Our Non-Typical Life… is GOOD!

  1. Mr. Jo Noodles favorite Aunt is checkin in.

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