Stop, rewind….. and PLAY!

That is my life. Life has been extremely full lately, in mostly good ways. One of the good things is that J has started a new sports class at our local Y, with much apprehension on my part…. and you know what? He LOVES it. He is absolutely exactly like the other kids. He has so much fun. He shows his strengths in every game that they play, and he WANTS to go! I was blown away. I think I need to follow his lead more often…

E has made amazing strides with his walking issues in PT. He is definitely finding ways to compensate for his low tone and is really strengthening all other parts of his body. He is happy and active, and currently not sick. He did go through a wicked bout of respiratory crap in which he ended up on orapred, and then a week later came down with a sinus infection and ended up on antibiotics. He’s doing great now though.

Both boys were struggling with their weight over the past few months. J all of the sudden showed symptoms of the SAME enterocolitis to dairy that E has. It was as simple as putting him on E’s diet, and not only has he gained back what he lost, but he has gained even more! He is eating so many new foods and really enjoying his food. E also rebounded from his three week long flare and gained over what he had lost as well. He has been cooking every single meal with me and it’s really motivating him to try new things. He eats much better when J is not around, so I try to actually do two separate dinners – me and E and J and dad. The dynamic just works for some reason.

So right now I’m pouring myself into research on the Gluten Free Casein Free diet. Both of my boys are already Casein free and have conditions that can be exacerbated by inflammatory foods such as Casein. So far they have taken beautifully to some foods I have introduced, and I am benefiting from it as well. So there’s my work in progress.

I’ll be back soon with updates.


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