Well hello…. old friends :(

Something happened to my babies the past few weeks. Old friends we thought were just a memory reared their ugly little rotten heads.

It started with Jonah getting sick – a simple virus that just would NOT go away. We were on our way back from the shore and he just started with a fever and crazy behavior. He would get better, get worse, get better, get worse. A week goes by and he’s still roller coastering. He’s barely eating. Probably lost about two pounds. Which probably puts him in the MALnourished category bumped down from undernourished….. at the doctors we found out he was spilling ketones into his urine, indicating that his body was metabolizing it’s own  fat stores(diabetes was ruled out a few months back). So we finally gave in to have him seem at the CHoP feeding clinic. Our appointment is in October, but we see Developmental Peds before that and can hopefully get to the bottom of what’s going on. Anyway, praise G-d, his weight came back on within a week of him getting better. But being away for a week and then stuck in the house sick for a week did not do anything positive for his behavioral progress.

He struggled in camp a bit and stopped wanting to go.  I’ve found about three rituals come back that had disappeared. He’s formed a few new compulsions. Overall, though he’s been pretty happy. His dad also went on a week-long camping trip with friends, and that threw him off tremendously. Jonah is very in tune with his “unit.” His “unit” isn’t just us, it includes his grandparents, Personal Care Assistant(wraparound), OT, counselors, teachers, friends and neighbors. If the “unit” is off, Jonah is off. He’s just happy to have his dad back, is eating tremendously and is in an overall good mood. Today, however, was our first all out tantrum since February – over a Happy Meal. I’m not complaining though because that gap is HUGE!  That, and the fact that he didn’t try to harm me during his tantrum – that’s progress!

Now onto the Wheeze. Our other old friend, the nebulizer, was brought out of the closet.  Of course Eli had to pick up what Jonah had because his silly immune system is always too busy fighting off the world(his allergies). I will say though, I honestly don’t know the last time he was on the neb, it’s been that long. He actually fell head over heels in love with it. Started calling it “Nebbie” or “Nebba”. He would excitedly ask for Nebba every time we went upstairs. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It honestly really freaks me out.

Yesterday when “Nebba” went back into his little case, Eli had meltdown after meltdown looking for “Nebba.” He is truly in love. It doesn’t help that the damn company puts a cute little fishy face on the mask. This kid loves animals! So we got through a flare without any troubles what-so-ever. It was really nice. Glad to see that these crazy meds are working for him!

I’m hoping our old friends were just here for a quick visit. They will always be in our lives, but hopefully, we won’t have to see them too often.


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