Sweet dreams, Wheezie

The Wheeze is back on the neb. I really can’t complain. I honestly can’t remember the last time he had a flare. We’ve had a really healthy summer up until last week.

I’m thanking God tonight for our CHoP doctors, though. Without them, I’m SURE Eli wouldn’t have the meds that he does. He wouldn’t have a diagnosis. He wouldn’t be as healthy as he is.

I’m just sort of sitting here getting prickles every time I hear him cough in his crib. It’s not a terrible cough, and the neb is controlling it. He calls it “nebbie” now and asks for it. I guess it really helps him!

I worked today in my office and remembered exactly why I’m not there anymore. I had to have my mother in law take the entire day off of work to stay with Eli. If he were in daycare, there’s no way I’d trust anyone else to give him treatments. I spent my lunch break getting Jonah from camp, feeding the neighbor’s cat and giving Eli a treatment. I am BEAT. Definitely more beat than if I had spent a day with the boys.

So much is expected of us mothers, and the funny thing is – I could probably kick it down a few notches.

But that just will never happen.


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