I don’t starve my children

Far from it….. tonight I think they ate more crap than I’d ever really like to admit. My husband is away and it’s much easier for me to pick my battles than be sure they sit on their bottoms for an entire dinner, eat a perfectly balanced meal and then have a sensible dessert. No, I just care that they are happy and consuming enough calories.

If you’d look at them, you’d wonder. People do. Which is why I tell them why my boys are so slight. Jonah weighs 32.6 lbs as of yesterday. That is not on the charts. Eli weighs 22.8 lbs. Very low on the charts. Jonah eats. Eli EATS. But they are very thin. Take one good look at my husband, and you’ll know why. Believe it or not, I was actually underweight until I hit my 20’s. So part of it is genetic.

The other part of it is Jonah’s Asperger’s. Children with ASD are more likely to have feeding disorders. I don’t think I’d say Jonah has a feeding disorder, but he’s been referred to a feeding clinic, which we have an appointment for in October. We just want to know if it’s behavioral or medical. Anyway, one of the theories thought up by our doctor is that Jonah cannot sense hunger due to his sensory issues. Geoff asked him the other day, “Why do you fight us so much when it’s time to eat?” Jonah said, “I just never feel hungry.” Not sure if he overheard us discussing it or not, but it’s possible.

The other possibility is the way food feels in his mouth. The older he gets, the more sensitive he becomes to textures. He now plays with food in his mouth, rolling it around, chewing with his front teeth and taking it in and out.  I’m interested to see what the specialists have to say about it. He’s also become incredibly sensitive to smell. He can’t eat if he smells my candles. He can’t use the purple soap because it makes him gag, etc. I understand this. I actually REALLY understand it….

So my point is, Jonah is not in any imminent danger. We did intake with CHoP and they felt it was ok for him to wait until October. He’s under control but things can look bad if he comes down with a virus and loses weight.

And my explanation for Eli : 50% genetics, 50% imitating his brother refusing food 😦 But he is not undernourished, growing well and happy and healthy. He just eats when big brother isn’t watching!


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