All the little details

Jonah’s teacher confronted me this year about the incredible details that Jonah recognizes. She said that he would find one tiny thing on a bulletin board that was different or moved and point it out. One small chatzke in the classroom would be moved a few feet, and he’d know.

He would walk around my mom’s house, re-arranging chatzkes to where they were “supposed to be.”

Today my mom showed him a picture of our cabana at the shore from when I was a child. We’ve had the same one all of those years. My mom pointed that out to Jonah, saying, “It’s the same one Jonah, see?” Jonah was not convinced, “It’s not the same one Nanny, we have two.” My mom explained, “No Jonah, we don’t have two cabanas, we only have one.” “No, Nanny, look, that Cabana is number 7 and ours is number 2.”
Over the years at some point they must have changed the numbers around – because it is in fact the same cabana. And all of these years, and all of these people never once noticed that the number changed. But Jonah did, in the handful of times that he’s been there. That is what he does and it fascinates me.


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