Who is this child?

Why haven’t I blogged lately? Nothing to blog about. I have this child. He is obsessed with Mario Kart. Period.

His Personal Care Assistant Marianne told me that she feels his behaviors had improved by about 85% using ABA therapy, before seeing the graphs. She is totally right. I don’t know this child. Or, let me re-phrase that, this is my child not on crack. He has control. It’s hard. Some days it’s really hard. But he does it. He takes control of himself. He’s learning to care for his body by eating, going to the bathroom when needed and getting enough exercise(play). But other than that, he’s playing Mario Kart. I have new leverage šŸ˜‰

Today he had enough self control to remove himself from a stressful situation. A very close family member came over. She had on red nail polish. Jonah panicked. He removed himself, laid on the couch until Geoff went to him to see what was wrong. He told Geoff he didn’t want to say, but Geoff assured him that he could tell us anything. He was afraid of the red nail polish. But you know what? He didn’t have a tantrum. He didn’t tell her to leave. He removed himself. He is TRYING.

But all else aside, I adore this child. He is so incredible. He will truly be an enormous asset to society, if they can accept him.


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