I Love You, Mom!

Today was Mother’s Day Tea at Jonah’s preschool. Yes, I know, over a week late. But it was so sweet. He drew a picture for me, in orange, my favorite color. It read, “My mommy loves me.” It was really hard to see, so I said, “Jonah, why did you use orange?” “Because it’s your favorite color, mom!” How thoughtful!

The children sang songs, had pictures for us and brought us strawberry shortcake. Jonah couldn’t do everything exactly as the other kids did, but he did pretty damn well.

He was so happy. So happy to see myself, my mom and my mother in law. So proud of his little brother, kissing and hugging him, showing him off to his friends. This happiness didn’t just come to him, there are a lot of people who can take credit for it. Team Jonah did this. But look at the result!


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