Holy crap, he took a shower!

Tonight, an amazing thing happened.

Now, I know most kids don’t take showers before they’re four, but this was different. Because of his Asperger’s, Jonah has some sensory processing issues. One of them is water falling on his head. He seems okay in a light rain drizzle, but he’s been deathly afraid of the shower for as long as I can remember. He said it feels like needles being thrown at his head – and I’m sure it does!

When a child with Autism or simply SPD has a sensation, it is greatly amplified. Jonah doesn’t have issues with all of his senses, but mostly with sound and vision. Visual commotion overstimulates him. He’s been afraid of toys that make noise since he was a baby. The mall for Jonah is the ultimate in overstimulation.

But the shower, we thought we’d never see. I had visions of him bathing into his teen years. In the past few months since we’ve been treating his issues, we’ve seen improvements. He’s eating more variety of foods(texture issues) and greater quantities(fullness sensation, not being able to sense hunger). He’s not as picky about the fabric of his clothes. He’s tolerating sound a bit better. So over the past few months he’s been attempting the shower. Asking me to turn it on, he puts a foot in and runs away screaming. It was fine with me, it was a step forward.

Tonight we turned it on, and he got in. He flinched a lot and flapped and ran around and screeched, but he did it. Geoff got soaking wet trying to help him, but it was worth it. I found myself in Geoff’s arms bawling my eyes out. Geoff laughed at me, but that is the ultimate success! My son is pushing the limits. He is trying to help himself! He wants to be okay with the things that everyone else is okay with.

Small successes, and so much of them lately, have been warming my heart. Letting me know that it will be okay. He is a phenomenal person. This world may not be ready for him, but I know he’ll knock everyone’s socks off some day!


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