Red Chucks with velcro don’t exist

Jonah can’t put on his shoes. Even the simplest ones. I thought for a while it was laziness, but now I know it is from a fine motor delay and for whatever reason, a regression in self help skills. I thought getting him shoes with velcro might help. He also has trouble even untying the laces.

I want him to have things that he’s excited about. It’s so wonderful to see him excited. He knows that his Chucks are his “skateboard shoes” because that’s what his dad calls them. He wants anything that his dad finds exciting. And everything must be red. It was extremely hard when Geoff labored over painting Jonah’s huge new bedroom when we moved into this house – Man City blue, of course. But Jonah wanted red. It wasn’t his fault, he told us he wanted red, about a million times. We just didn’t think it meant as much to him as it did.

Children with Asperger’s have an extremely hard time letting go of perceptions. If they have something in their head that they expect to go a certain way, their world falls apart if it does not go absolutely perfect. Jonah’s red room was one of those perceptions.

His room is still Man City Blue. He has a big Manchester City Football Club flag above his bed. It’s one of his dad’s obsessions, and he tries really hard to love it as well. Accepting his blue room was one of the biggest steps he ever took – before we even knew what was fueling his compulsions. He has to make sacrifices like this every day. It must be hard for his little mind to wrap around. It’s not how I feel, if maybe I wanted orange juice but only apple were available. It’s tragic to him. Every day. I hope some day that his little heart can take things more in stride.

And unfortunately, red Chucks with velcro don’t exist. So this shall be another lesson for him in the grand scheme of things…..


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  1. Great points! I will be checking back here often!

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