All I want for Mother’s Day…..

is to sleep in late, plant some Impatiens, and have a really good burger for dinner. That is all.

Today I had one of my weaker moments where I just felt like a shitty mom. All I was trying to do was water the garden. Within 20 seconds, Eli was in the street and Jonah was completely disrobing(yes, pants, underwear and all) on the front porch. I was screaming and nobody was listening to me. I grabbed Jonah, literally threw him in the house and ran to get Eli, who had two long bamboo garden posts in his hands. Anyone who saw this scene may have called CPS on me. Geoff yelled at me because I really hurt Jonah. I asked him what he’d do if he were out there and Eli were in the street and Jonah were naked. He replied, “Probably not throw Jonah so hard.”

And there you have it…. Tomorrow’s a new day!


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