A Day In The Life of a Work At Home Mom – Part One

So….. a bunch of my friends decided to do this at one point. And I think I may have been the only work at home mom who decided to do it so far…. I thought I’d give an interesting take on what it’s like. I just hope my bosses aren’t reading this….

I’m a Sales Admin for a bottle supplier in liquors, wines and beers. I think that’s how you’d describe it. It’s hard to describe. Anyway, first and foremost, I’m a mom. My kids are insane. Certifiable. Sometimes I wonder why Geoff and I decided to even procreate with all of the issues we brought to the gene pool. But regardless, they’re perfectly imperfect and they make my life interesting. I didn’t get pictures of EVERYTHING and this will be a work in progress. But let me just shut up and start.

7am. I wake up. Try to squeeze in a 5 minute shower while the boys still sleep. Or Eli is already up and playing in my bedside drawers while I shower. I’ve recently cleaned them out of all of the pharmaceuticals that were within. Good thing.

7:30am. Jonah’s first wake up. I go in, open the curtains and kiss him awake. Get Eli dressed. Take Eli into Jonah and have him crawl all over him until he is awake. This takes 30 minutes. Brush teeth and potty/diaper.

8am. Breakfast. Jonah usually eats a spoonful of Cocoa Krispies. Eli usually eats a cracker. They both drink their weight in milk.

8:10am. I get my coffee. God forbid I don’t. Seriously.

Oh, I hadn’t showered in that picture. It’s deceiving. Some days I skip the shower in return for more sleep. On those days, Eli and I walk at 10am and I shower while he naps. Anyway….

8:15am. Boys get dressed. Jonah tells me he can’t do a thing but does everything anyway. Eli sits nicely and waits to get dressed.

Eli then gets his meds and creams….

I pack Jonah’s bag and my diaper bag.

While the boys play.

8:50 am. Take Jonah to school. As you can see, he’s still playing with my iPhone. He walked into everything possible on the way to the car.

9:15am. Make a quick stop at Genuardi’s for Lactaid and Milk. Eli would much rather be home eating and playing.

9:45am. Eli’s snack, or shall we say, real breakfast. Downs some more milk and usually eats his weight in whatever it is I’m offering.

10:30 am SUCCESS!

10:45am I sit here for the next hour or so, trying to make sense of things for work.

11:45am. Power clean the house….

Throw in some dinner….

And make myself presentable.

12:40pm. Wake up Turkleton. Throw him in the car to get Jonah.

He’s not happy about it.

This is where it got dicey. Jonah had to be punished that day because of his behavior in school. So part two is soon to come. Stay tuned….



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2 responses to “A Day In The Life of a Work At Home Mom – Part One

  1. nancy goldstein

    Ali….you are hysterical!
    Are you sure you didn’t major in journalism???!!!!
    Not only did you start your blog!, you put pictures on facebook! How do you do it??!!
    LOVE your sense of humor!!!!
    XOXO nancy

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