As I sit here with a good dose of Attivan in me, much needed from the week I’ve had, I’m reflecting. On how I can make good out of all of the bad that it was. I’m usually not so good at such things. I usually have to go to my mom or some saintly religious figure for those types of things. But I need to find this in ME. So I’m going to tell a story of this week without being negative. Wanna bet I don’t make it?

Monday morning Jonah woke up asking if he could be “lo po” from school. I thought it was just another Monday morning begging for more weekend, but this morning was special. Jonah’s belly decided to repeatedly empty it’s contents, letting Jonah get the all too coveted status of “lo po”(not here) at school! Yay! He even got to hang out with his old pal “da frow ups bowl.” They were very close all morning until Jonah passed out and woke up deciding he didn’t need his old friend, but about a pound of food and water. Yay for resilient kids!

How Jonah coped

Little Eli, looking on very concerned became very distraught every time Jonah got sick. He was so worried about his brother, he belted out his vocal cords to the gods, hoping someone would save the poor wretch! Eli had just developed a cold the week before but was much better. The next day he decided he got more attention when he was sick so all of his symptoms decided to come back, ten fold. Took him to the doc where my copay was NOT wasted, poor thing did in fact have an ear infection. We get the NOT yucky tasting meds for it and go on our merry way. The next morning he is coughing so hard he is almost vomiting so I decided to call our FAVORITE doctors down at CHOP. They say thank you for calling Mrs. Wilbur, here’s our direct line, you call us EVERY time your pediatrician says Eli’s lungs are clear and you know they aren’t. They gave us the good stuff – the steroids.

Day two of steroids, day four of antibiotics, I still have a koala baby. He sits in a Mei Tai on my back, playing with my hair making little mmmm mmmm sounds while blowing kisses and stroking my back. Is there anything better? Well, yes, maybe eating my sandwich without a toddler on my back, but, nah, this is much better šŸ˜‰

Call the pediatrician, were advised bubble boy should really have shown drastic improvement by now which he has not, so they’re putting him on a DIFFERENT antibiotic. So off we run to the store again(they know us by name now) and our sweet, sweet pharmacy cashier Laura gives us a sympathetic look, hoping poor Turkey perks up soon!

So here we are. Jonah is great. Eli is on Albuterol, Flovent, Zyrtec, Singulair, Orapred, Augmentin, Motrin for pain and probiotics so that his stomach doesn’t explode from all of that. Oh and did I mention that his molars AND canines have decided to pop up on us this week? And that he already has a yeast rash from the antibiotics? Good times!

How Eli coped

So for anyone who’s had the pleasure of dealing with me this week, I promise you, it’s not you. It’s me. When I’m human again, I promise we can reconcile.


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