Happy New Year!

So my ONLY New Years resolution is to keep up with this blog better. I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions. I feel that if you want to resolve something, do it as you go. But this should be way more important to me, so here I go.

Some updates. Geoff is about to jump head first into Tax Season and I’ve been slowly preparing myself. Babs and Deb have been gearing up to be my happy helpers:) Geoff is going on his first business trip in two weeks and I think it’ll be good practice for me. I think I’ve finally got this mom-of-two thing down though.It only took a year! As hard as it is, my biggest secret is to not sweat the small stuff. Just make sure they’re clean, happy, rested, fed and not killing each other 😉

I’m happy to report that by religiously exercising on a regular basis for about seven months now, I’ve gotten my blood pressure down to a normal level. Also, after my sinus surgery I was able to stop taking Sudafed and I’m sure that has helped too. Also, cooking “cleaner” and trying new tactics to reduce stress has helped as well. I also do think that these beautiful boys, as ornery as they can get, do help keep the joy in my life!

Jonah has not had the easiest year. He is so resilient though! I’m so proud of him! He’s happily sucking up every last bit of knowledge he can get, really getting into books and is showing a huge interest in reading. Luckily his nanny knows how the heck to teach him to do that, as I do not! The sight words he can currently read are: the, God, Judah, Jonah, and Eli. We’re also trying to do some enrichment projects based on the lessons he’s learning in school right now. Last week we made whale cookies and he helped his brother paint a whale painting. We’re going to make telescopes next week and pretend to go whale watching. He is starting to eat better without protest and is “listening to his belly” when he is hungry. So proud of him!

Eli has been almost symptom free from Asthma since October! His allergies are really only triggered from extreme exposure to dogs, cats and dust. He is now able to eat dairy products, except for milk. We are going to try lactaid milk with him this week, as we think it may just be lactose intolerance. We go back to our CHOP doctor in February and we’re hoping that his conditions will get downgraded and HOPEFULLY be taking less medication. We think the improvements are being caused by replacing his bedroom carpet with a hardwood bamboo floor, having the air ducts cleaned, using new filters and taking him to the chiropractor once a week. He absolutely loathes getting adjusted, but something is working and I’m not going to change a thing!

Some really exciting things we are looking forward to are a Dan Zanes concert in Jersey, going to the Franklin Institute, Aunt Julie and Uncle Brad’s wedding in May(where Jonah will be the ring bearer!) and hopefully a vacation in late May. We’ve also just started to think about planning our first Disney Vacation!

Thanks for reading and hopefully there will be much more to come!


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  1. HI Ali I never knew what a blog was. We have several the work and I never went on it once in the 28 years I’ve been there. I loved reading this. So glad I’m baack on your wall.

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