Mama’s a Multitasker!

My boys love me. That’s all I ever wanted. The baby is fine all day and whines the second I come home because all he wants is to be close to me. Jonah has really taken an interest in cooking and baking lately. He loves to put his hands in the messy dough and mama tirelessly makes sure he washes his hands first 😉


I decided today that I will be home as of November 2nd. Not sure if I’ll be working from home or not, that will be up to my employer. I’d love to work from home, I really do love my job and who can really say that? Eli woke up with a wicked cold today, which reminded me why I was doing this to begin with.


The wrap is a traveling Ellevill Jade Spring. So lovely but SO textured. It felt great on my back though, I made cookies and bread with Eli up there. He started to fall asleep(too early) so I took him down.


It just makes me so happy that both boys can have mama at the same time:)

In other news, preschool soccer has begun again. Here is Mr. Drama showing off his antics. He thinks he plays for the Premiere League!


How cute are they??????

Supreme Cuteness!

Supreme Cuteness!

And in Turkey news, despite his struggles, he’s right on track developmentally. He was at the pediatrician recently, he is 50th percentile in both height and weight, 97th + in head circumference(of course, he is my child), and ahead both verbally and with both fine and gross motor skills:) I have another Einstein on my hands, oy!


He’s also really taken to the ledge next to our fireplace. Perfect place to practice his new skills!






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