It’s September!!!!

It’s September, and my FAVORITE time of year:) I’m starting to think fall gardens, although we’ve had quite a summer season this year. And this being my first year truly gardening, I’m a little frustrated. The one thing that really took of though were my impatiens. They are like bushes!


The sad, sad Hibiscus plant encountered the most issues…. It had a nasty infestation of sawfly larvae










 I decided to get really aggressive with it, used a solution of castille soap and water to get rid of the larvae, and then 50/50 milk and water to get rid of the fungus. I am happy to announce today I almost have a new bloom opening! I saved her:)

The garden out back isn’t even worth pictures right now. Barely anything came up, but I have a new fall garden in the works, so stay tuned!

Also, for my birthday Geoffie got me a stacking herb planter. Here’s a preview of what’s to come….



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