Its Raining Petals

Jonah’s newest run-in with something brand new to him happened the other morning when we were walking up to school to see the pink and white flowers falling off of the trees.

“Oh no mommy, what is it?” He bent down to look at the dying flower petals with this look of horror on his face. “I fix it mommy!” and he tried to run back up to the tree to put the petals back on. I had to explain to him the process of budding, which is so normal and routine to me, but its just so magical to see it through is eyes for the first time again.

I love watching him learn.


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  1. That’s awesome! My Mom gets all sappy at stuff like that, too. I, personally, am currently enchanted with watching my hands move. I do it at the most random times, to cause the most emotion I can. Heehee…

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